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Drain Town Rooter

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At Star Rise Marketing, we love taking on ambitious challenges and helping our clients achieve extraordinary results. One of our most remarkable success stories is our partnership with Drain Town Rooter, a local plumbing company based in Orange County, CA. From their humble beginnings to becoming a profitable business, we’ve been there every step of the way, designing their website, setting up their advertising accounts, and nurturing a strong relationship built on trust and collaboration.


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The Challenge:

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When Drain Town Rooter first approached us a few years ago, they were a newly formed company with big aspirations. However, due to supply chain disruptions and other restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they faced delays in acquiring essential equipment, recruiting experienced team, delivering custom-wrapped vans. Our mission was clear – to help them establish a strong online presence and create a solid foundation for their marketing efforts. Despite supply chain interruptions, our determination was unwavering.

Our Approach:

We dove into the challenge head-on, closely collaborating with the Drain Town Rooter team to understand their vision and goals. Our talented team at Star Rise Marketing custom-coded their website from scratch, ensuring that it truly represented their brand and delivered a seamless user experience. We took care of setting up their advertising accounts, implementing robust analytics and tracking systems, and crafting a tailored tech stack to support their growth.

Driving Revenue and Results:

Despite the initial obstacles, the results we achieved for Drain Town Rooter were truly remarkable. Within the third month of their business opening, they became profitable, showcasing the power of our strategic marketing efforts. To give you an example of Drain Town Rooter’s ever-growing revenue, from January 2022 through January 2023, we proudly delivered over $2,502,882 in billed jobs and generated an impressive $1,899,639 in revenue solely from our local advertising campaigns.

Aside from the revenue we brought in a fair share of recurring customers to the business from different sources including Yelp, Google Ads, Google My Business, Social Media Advertising and Direct Mail campaigns.

Beyond the Numbers: Building Strong Partnerships

While the exceptional revenue growth is certainly a testament to our expertise, what truly brings us joy is the evolution of our relationship with Drain Town Rooter. We believe in the power of human connections, and we strive to become trusted partners for our clients through thick and thin. Our collaboration with Drain Town Rooter exemplifies the strength of our partnership, where open communication, shared goals, and unwavering support have forged a bond that goes beyond mere business transactions.

Harness the Power of Marketing With Star Rise:

At Star Rise Marketing, we are more than just numbers-driven marketers. We are passionate individuals who genuinely care about our clients’ success and foster long-lasting relationships. Our case study with Drain Town Rooter showcases our ability to deliver exceptional results while nurturing a warm and trusting partnership. We invite you to join the rise and experience the transformative power of our strategic marketing solutions.

Drain Tower Rooter

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“As always you know I speak highly of you, your team, and our working relationship. We are seeing amazing growth at Drain Town and understand the importance of marketing and being able to trust your marketing partner. We have worked together for several years now and I am a big fan of how our relationship has evolved.”

– DTR Founder

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