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1. Competitive Research

Find out who are your main competitors and what their marketing strategies are. Including advertising copies, keyword, cost per click and more.

2. Marketing Strategy And Action Steps Development

We conduct in depth social media and web audit; clearly define your goals, objectives and measures of success to then develop tactic that are most suitable for your needs and resources.

3. Targeting and Social Media Audiences Research.

Qualified website traffic, re-marketing strategies, lookalike audiences, custom audiences.

4. Copywriting: Ad Copy and Creatives.

Images and ad copy that is relevant to your brand and offer. Keyword optimization, HTML5 optimization.

5. Marketing Funnels.

Development and integration of sales, lead generation, quality traffic and Brand awareness funnels.

6. Marketing Campaign Management: Social Media and Search

All the way from the set up to optimized profitable campaigns

7. Chat Bots, Email Sequences, Facebook Messenger

We help you stay in touch with your current and potential customers with cutting edge optimization and automation technologies.

Marketing Models

Single Channel

The historic model of buying through one channel.

There is a one-touch sale approach whether it is through a physical location or a single advertisement. ( in average 5 to 20 touch-points required for sale according to 2020 statistics).

Single channel works for it’s own benefit, incoherently with the acquisition cycle.

This method is the most insufficient and leaves a lot of your money on the table.


Consumers have options available to learn about your brand, product or service.

They research and purchase through the preferred channel.

Essentially all channels in this model are independent and work for their own best interest rather than clients.

This method heavily relies on your potential customer doing the heavy-lifting of the research, data gathering and decision making.

Omni – Channel

Customer is approached with educational and empowering brand’s communications on different platforms.

All channels are working in conjunction to lead the prospect through all stages of buying cycle: starting with the awareness phase all the way to the purchase and retention.

This method is the most customer-centric and beneficial to generate steady stream of leads and customers while growing brand recognition and follower base.

We love new Tech and different Marketing Channels.
But we only use what’s right for the job.

Here are some of the tools and platforms we have been using for our current clients and past projects.

Our Process


We begin with learning more about your business, competitors, and market share.
Analyze your previous marketing efforts, social media, and organic presence.
Learn more about your goals and main challenges.

STRATEGY (Problem-Solution Discovery)

Based on our audit, competitive research, your business goals, and main obstacles we will develop a unique range of solutions to deliver you desired results. We only suggest channels and methods that are right for your unique organization and your measures of success.


Through the learning phase, we deploy multiple tests to accumulate and gather data as soon as possible and identify the winning strategy


With your feedback and two-way communication, we will make sure our collaboration is effective and performing at a high level.


We execute the winning strategy with precise management and 100% of our attention to it.


At this stage, we zoom-focus on tracking the KPI’s, measure, learn, and optimize for the best results.
Scale and repeat the cycle again.

Our Results

High-Ticket Service B2B Google Search Lead Gen. Campaign

Conversion Optimization Campaign .

SAAS Client with $100,000+ ticket price and $1,000,000 Customer Life Time value.
2 week comparison chart.

All KPI’s show a significant improvement, delivering more clicks at a lower cost (CPC) and more Leads at lower Cost per result.

Subscription Based Google Search Lead Gen. Campaign

Conversion Optimization Campaign .

SAAS Client with $100/month subscription based product and $1,000+ Customer Life Time Value
1 month comparison chart.

200% increase in Lead flow while 20% decrease in Cost per lead.

(Industry standards; $45+ per lead)

Brand Awareness B2C Native Traffic Campaign

Display Traffic Campaign .

Targeted traffic and Branding Campaign
3 weeks results chart.

800,000+ views, $0.16 per click with 1,500+ new visitors to the site in 3 weeks.

Healthcare Provider B2C Faceook and Instagram Lead Gen. Campaign

Lead Generation Campaign .

Healthcare provider with industry average cost per lead starting at $38 through $286
3 month results

With a starting point of not having any advertisements to a steady stream of 880 leads in 3 moth at $10 cost per lead.


Marketplace Remarketing Social Media Campaign

Remarketing and Retargeting Campaign .

Marketplace with high organic traffic, that was leaving money on the table by not getting back site visitors for remarketing.
1 month results.

436 leads at minimum of 10% conversion rate resulted in positive ROAS month 1. Month 2 + $4,300 profit.


Cold Traffic B2B Lead Gen. Facebook and Instagram Campaign

Cold Traffic Social Media Campaign .

 2nd month after launch.

Detailed demographic and interest targeting that brings a steady flow of new business to our B2B client.


Omni-Channel B2B Lead Gen. Facebook and Instagram Campaign

Platforms and Tactics Combo. Campaign.

3 month results.

B2B client, using multiple platforms and channels for traffic, lead generation and remarketing which lead to a steady stream of cheap qualified leads.


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“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

– Henry Ford

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